Thank you for considering Off The Hook Seafood to help your group achieve its fundraising goals! We’re a family owned company in Fargo, ND whose focus is providing our customers and partners throughout North Dakota and the Upper Midwest with the best seafood to be found anywhere.

Church groups, athletic teams, schools, youth groups or other community organizations can all benefit when they partner with Off The Hook Seafood!


Why should you choose Off The Hook Seafood for your fundraising drive?

  • Up to 25% of total sales goes directly to your organization
  • Your supporters will appreciate the chance to help you reach your goals by purchasing healthy and delicious products that they enjoy.
  • There is no markup above retail, your supporters can purchase through your group for the same cost as ordering direct.
  • No risk, with Off The Hook Seafood there is no upfront cost for your group. We provide all the sales materials needed for a successful drive. You simply take orders from your supporters and collect payment.
  • Convenient and quick order fulfillment. When your fundraising drive is done, we’ll deliver your product in a mobile unit equipped with freezers to use as customer orders are filled (within 90 miles of Fargo, minimum orders apply).
  • You will be offering delicious, nutrient packed seafood to make healthy eating easier and more convenient for families.
  • Offering a staple consumable gives you the opportunity to create recurring revenue for your group by keeping your supporters supplied with the seafood they love while benefiting an organization they care about. Your group could hold a fundraising drive every 3 months to keep your supporters freezers stocked and money coming into your account!Our goal is to make this and future fundraising campaigns as easy and profitable for you as possible.
  • We supply Amazon gift cards for you to use as sales incentives for your group members when certain sales volumes are achieved.
  • We will create and provide you with content for your group to share on social media to publicize your fundraising drive.

Check Out What People Are Saying!

“Fundraising with Off the Hook Seafood was an easy and practical way to raise money for my youth group. John was great to work with, the fundraiser was easy to run, and I got tons of compliments on the quality of the seafood from satisfied customers. We’ll definitely be holding another fundraiser with Off the Hook in the near future!”– Audrey

“We used Off the Hook Seafood for a fundraiser for our school during the Lenten Church season. We had such a great response from our families and church members commenting on not only the quality, but also the bigger-than-expected size of all the packages of fish. The prices are also reasonable for the amount that you get with each order. Taking and submitting orders was smooth and easy. John, our seafood rep, was always quick to respond to our questions and more than accommodating for our needs. We definitely make this an annual fundraiser for our school!”– Sarah S

“We used Off-The-Hook Seafood for our first fundraiser here at Pirates Den Daycare, it was a hit! Our community loved it, the navigation was so organized, it made picking up orders, taking orders and payment so stress-free. Not to mention, anytime the seafood truck is in town, we have the best customer service! Highly recommend this business to anyone!”– Ashlynn G

We look forward to working with you to achieve your group’s financial goals.
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